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Powerful   musical   "doodler"
tiny commusication device | FAQ | Get one now!

  • The MIDI music will start in a few seconds. Once started drag your mouse over the strings to make you own cool music
  • Easy and fun to use
  • 3 MIDI backtracks
  • "Fast" online interactive content
  • Each knob does something, move your mouse over one to activiate it. See if you can work them out :)
  • Record the music for free with the enhanced Koan Plugin (VKE)! (from plugin menu, select upgrade)
  • Get one free for your website or offline use!

    Requirements: SSEYO Koan plugin, Macromedia Flash plugin, 32-bit Windows plus 32-bit IE4+ / 32-bit NN4+ or Power Macintosh/iMac plus NN4+. Webservers need to support both Koan MIME type and Flash MIME type.

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